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mt non-kpop friend tagged me to something on facebook....and as a hottest it outrage me to see someone did this using taecyeon picture
can you blame me for being annoy by this a little...I'm friends with taecyeon bias...the type that would slap the person that made thst
I was really pissed when I saw this. A friend showed me cause it was a joke and they don't know who it is and all I said was "That's Taecyeon." And they, still not sure which one it is since I listen to a lot of bands, was like "That's fucked up and no longer funny."
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my friend told me she only shared it because she recognized him from off my computer screen
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Not funny one bit. It is highly annoying....especially since Taecyeon is my bias.
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but he doesn't even look I'm confused
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