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Not sure how to get a beautiful girl to notice you? Got your eye on someone, but wondering about how to take things to the next level?
If you're mystified by women, or just not all that confident in your ability to understand the female brain, look no further, because I am a FULLY CERTIFIED LADY, and I'm here to help!
For all you dudes out there (or ladies lookin' to impress ladies – that's cool too), here's a list of ways you can get a girl to sit up and take notice that there is an awesome gentleman right in front of her.

Be the perfect gentleman.

Open doors for her. Be respectful and polite. Use your manners. Treat salespeople and waitstaff with courtesy. Believe me, she'll take notice. If a man is kind, mannerly, and respectful to those around him, I instantly catalogue him under "Guys I'd Love To Take Home To My Parents." Know her preferences too, though – don't treat her like she's weak or unable to do things for herself. Just show her, through your actions, that she matters to you, and that you want to impress her with your gentlemanly skills.

Listen to her.

And show her that you're listening. When she tells you something, ask follow-up questions. Take note of and remember the personal details she shares. It's flattering when a guy remembers my little sister's names, or wants to know more about the little things in my life. Everyone wants to be heard, to be fascinating to someone, to be listened to. If you can talk with her, and hold a meandering, enjoyable conversation, she'll definitely want to keep you around.

Be a good guy.

Care about the people around you. Help them. Don't make racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist jokes. Respect everyone the same way you respect her. Now that I'm 23, I'm not looking for a boy – I'm looking for a man. I've felt that way for some time, actually. And my ideal man cares about his community, gives back, and makes the lives of everyone around him better just because they know him. Be that guy. And if you're not sure how, find that guy in your own life, and imitate him.

Be attentive.

When you're spending time together, give her your full attention. No one wants to compete with a cell phone, so silence it and put it away. Go to the bathroom if you have to check it. And in group situations, make sure the person you give the most attention to is her. Have your own friends, and feel free to talk to other women, but make sure she know's she's special to you. She'll notice, and feel incredibly lucky.

Be confident in yourself.

Walk, talk, and act with confidence. I'm talking shoulders back, head up, smiling at the world – full-on confidence. Don't be afraid to speak up or express your opinion – I personally find that to be very sexy. Know your worth, without being cocky. Be awesome, yet humble. Okay, okay, I get it – it's a hard balance. But I'm confident (pun!) you can figure it out. Confidence is when you approach a girl without hesitation, without making the assumption you're going to do anything other than talk. Cockiness is walking up to her and saying, "Hey baby, so when are we getting out of here?" Cue face slap.

Send her signals.

Honestly, I tend to notice when a guy is noticing me. Look at her (not in a creepy way, just in an interested way). When she looks back, look away. Then, when you catch her eye a second time, hold her gaze – and smile. Then look away. Classic move! And when you're talking, look her in the eyes. Smile genuinely. Stand a tiny bit closer to her than you normally would. If she's anything like me, she'll get the picture, fast.

Make subtle physical contact.

If you can find a way to touch her in a subtle, non-creepy way, do it. Only if you're close enough friends for that to be a normal, acceptable thing to do, obviously. But a slight touch on the arm, helping her brush an eyelash off her cheek, or bumping against her ever-so-lightly – all those are great ways to send your message.
I'm hoping to follow this up soon with flirting tips for guys, so follow my Modern Day Romance collection for more!

Do you feel confident that you can get your lady's attention now? Who's going to try out these moves tomorrow? :)

these are very helpful :)
@eddiepozo here's a starter for you. Smile!!! That's all. A smile can mean anything, it doesn't say much, but it also means a lot. But don't frighten the girl with a huge creepy smile either, lol. Just enough to take notice. And give her a wink too ;)
Ha I wish! it's the send signals and physical contact that I'm awful at. the most important ones too
@allischaaf for me, my husband got me on how smart he is. He is by far the smartest man I've ever met. Guys make sure if you have a brain...don't be afraid to use it. Nearly 15 yrs later and I still am impressed on how smart he is.
YESSS thank you @allischaaff I needed it for this weekend!
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