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Growing up partying and celebrating with my family, Bacardi rum was something we always had. I didn't start drinking rum until I was in my early twenties, but I quickly became a fan. While salsa music was drilling through the speakers, we'd take shots of burning rum. And during Christmases, we'd have coquito -- a Puerto Rican eggnog made with 151 Bacardi (flammable rum). This rums has about 75% alcohol by volume. If you want to compare, soju usually has about 20% alcohol by volume. Yeah, our eggnogs are that strong.
When I was visiting NYC not so long ago, I discovered soju -- a coveted Korean alcohol that'll put you on your ass faster than you can count to omg-I-forgot-my-numbers. While I was walking through Koreatown, I decided to pick up a bottle of soju. I had heard so much about it. I had heard about how it cost just a bit over a dollar in Korea, but of course in New York City, it was about 10 bucks for a small green bottle of the stuff.
When I took my first sip, I was pleasantly surprised as to how light and smooth it was.
When I took a shot of the soju, it reminded me of vodka -- but easier to drink. It went down easy. So, I kept taking back-to-back shots of the stuff. Before I realized, I was waddling drunk in Times Square.
It was like a whispering tipsy tease -- but then it punched the drunk in me after just a couple of hours.
Soju is like this dainty smooth liquor, that comes in a sweet little green bottle -- but that sweet b*tch can get you passed out drunk at the train station. Not saying that was me, but that totally could have been.
As a Puerto Rican who grew up on a plethora of Latin liquors like Bacardi, Patron, and the coveted Nicaraguan rum called Flor De Caña, I thought I could handle anything. I was wrong. Soju, as a proud Latina who can handle most liquors, you have made me rethink my alcohol tolerance. You're a tough cookie.
XD This is awesome. More power to the Soju and many more drunken nights to come!
IT DOES! And still haven't learned my lesson. I throw those shots backkk lol @poojas
"but that sweet b*tch can get you passed out drunk at the train station" HAHAHA. It certainly is one of those drinks that seems manageable but adds up real fast lol
The perfect picture to go with this card too hahaha. I love the Hangover video.