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His name is Fred by the way.

When you're trying to help some deadbeat failed musician from your hometown play the Bubble Bowl and you shoot off into space and injure your leg.

You can't help everyone amirite?

When you're trying to order a Krabby Patty and some Ka-ra-tae wielding monster assaults you.

I just wanted to have a nice lunch...but instead I hurt my leg.

When you're just trying to get to work and some lunatic causes the biggest accident Bikini Bottom has ever seen.

AND you hurt your leg!!

And of course, you felt Fred's pain when you got thrown out of the Krusty Krab by some buffoon for no reason at all!

You definitely hurt your leg.

See, Fred GETS you!

Bring back more painful memories with a compilation of your favorite "My Leg" moments.
If you can relate...can I get an AMEN?
@TerrecaRiley Thank you! I can deal with the pain in my foot enough to get by. It's the cabin fever that's concerning. Lol.
@MissB82 you're really on to something there...restlessness? I think that's right on. I'm feeling that so badly
@TerrecaRiley Oh sorry! It's the term used to describe the bizarreness that come after a while when confined (and away from society). Also not regular dose of sunshine etc - You'd be surprised how much that impacts. I imagine Cabin Fever originated from people on boats out at sea, isolated from the world & confined to their cabin. It's not permanent but challenging. Gotta keep the mind strong. lol.
@MissB82 ok. you're a strong one.I'm not sure what cabin fever is though...
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