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Hey everyone voting is open for the Best Korean Artist for the MTV EMAs! The Nominees are: B1A4, VIXX, BTS, GOT7, & GFRIEND! Who will you be voting for? Go check it out!! Update! You have to cast your vote for this category on the korean page! The category can't be reached from any of the other pages! Updated info follows ⬇ *the link takes you to the korean page needed so if you can't read hangul just yet (like yours truly) just scroll through the pictures and click on the teal bar under the group you want to vote for. After that you can continue to vote on the korean page if you want by just looking at the pictures which is dandy if you know korean or don't mind guessing the categories but if you don't you can easily switch to the global (english) page if you scroll to the bottom of the page. It's the gray box under all the SNS icons. ^·^ I took another look at the website and all the categories are the same regardless of language except for the region specific category (like Best Korean Artist) which can only be reached for that region's page. *Sorry I wasn't clear on that and for any confusion before
how the f$!k do i choose between them like seriously i will have to stop being a bana or an army or any groups fan if i choose!!
@ JessicaChaney sorry I just looked it up again and every region has their own special category which you have to vote for on that page. So to vote for your group you have to go to the Korean page (just click the link and it takes you right to the right page) and vote then you can either finish voting on the korean page or switch it to global. I hope that helps and I'll edit the card with clearer info too!
But which category is it in?