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Diets: The Ultimate Battle Between Brain And Stomach

You know you've been sticking to your diet pretty well when suddenly something like 'cream-filled cake cookies with sprinkles and strawberries and bubble gum' sounds like the most amazing thing alive.
@danidee, it typically isn't!! He's a growing boy, though. If he doesn't eat, he starts to Hulk out on me. ^.^ The kid is 4'6 and 100+ pounds. A Big Boy. I'm dooooomed, people.
@ButterflyBlu haha! XD yes!
@danidee indeed it is! ^.^ @AimeeH haha I know exactly what you mean. Even running late today I told the kid, "noooo. I have to eat. You have to eat. (He gets grumptastic, if not.) School can wait." Who says that?!
Food always wins over everything else! My stomach even reminds me that right at 3:00 am, it must be fed. As soon as I feed it, it let's me sleep.
Diets are of the devil!
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