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You know you've been sticking to your diet pretty well when suddenly something like 'cream-filled cake cookies with sprinkles and strawberries and bubble gum' sounds like the most amazing thing alive.
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@danidee, it typically isn't!! He's a growing boy, though. If he doesn't eat, he starts to Hulk out on me. ^.^ The kid is 4'6 and 100+ pounds. A Big Boy. I'm dooooomed, people.
@ButterflyBlu lol I can't even imagine what he's going to be like as a teenager. You might have to start your own farm.
@danidee ha! I can't either! I have a small patch of garden, but wouldn't it be funny seeing me work a full farm? My grandpa would be proud. Nah, I figure I'm going to have to work 15 jobs just to pay for food and clothes for him. 馃樀
luckily enough they agree most of the time for me lol
@S92pk Lol your brain and stomach are nicer to you.