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Get out your Pumpkin Spice biotches! It's fall time.

1. Break Out Your and Ugg Boots and Leggings!

Because that looks great right!? And who needs pants?

2. Light an Overpriced Candle

Because if you bought your Bath and Body Works fall scented candles on're an abomination. Who doesn't want to pay 30 dollars for a candle?

3. Put on some "Cozy acoustic" music.

You Ed Sheeran and the like...makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, like those itchy sweaters you see in Forever 21.

4. Make a pumpkin spice themed DIY lotion or something.

You know, girly stuff! Nothing says Fall like staying inside with all of your cute friends making cute things!

5. Get your ass to Starbucks and spend all of your money on Pumpkin Spice Lates.


But seriously, Fall is a lot of people's favorite season, so enjoy it!

Speaking of, there's this pumpkin face mask I'd been dying to try from Bath & Body Works many years ago. I wonder if it even still exists....
That second one is my sister. I'm beginning to feel like Yankee Candles are a drug you can get addicted to.
@danidee I will look into that for you *puts on sleuthing gear* yeah...I'm a sleuth
Hahah I don't doubt it! I used to love bath and body works like...way too much l