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30 Day VIXX Challenge

Day 4 of the Vixx Challenge

4. What Do I Like About Each Member?

Where do I even begin...?


Cha Hakyeon is not only a wonderful leader but he is able to bring everyone together. He is very playful and tries to make everyone be a part of what's going on. He is definitely the mom of the group and takes very good care of his kids. Even though he is silly, he knows when to be serious at times as well.


Taekwoon is so adorable even when he's acting all cool and calm. He's just a cute little kitten and I love cats. Who can't love his shyness and smile when he gets embarrassed or complimented?! Just all the warm giggly feels burst out my chest.


Kim Wonshik may be a awesome rapper who lays down some sick lyrics but he is also a kid for sure. The way he is protective of his members AND little sister is just so beautiful. His ambiance doesn't fit the child he holds inside.That is what makes him easy to get along with.


Lee Jaehwan is such a handful of energy that it's wonderful. He is basically a kid up there with Ravi but with more aegyo and sass. He is such a jokester and a big child that it's hard to not like him. He is for sure the mood maker of the bunch and tries to get everybody happy. Especially Leo.


Little Han Sanhyuk is a cute, adorable man child. Being the baby of the bunch must be hard but he is always wearing a smile. He is kind and caring towards his members and Starlights. This maknae makes the world shine with his bright smile.


Lee Hongbin is such a handsome man but with a cute personality. His smile is so contagious that it could just make anyone's day better.He treats all his members and Starlights with so much respect and kindness. He may look like a serious man but he is just as much a goofball as the rest of them.
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