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I should start by noting that these pictures are from 2010 (2009? I'm not sure), and that I've been a bit reluctant to pull them out. But alas!!! @AdiaJasinski inspired me to show off one of my original cosplays :)

Meet Selphie!!

From Final Fantasy 8~
There's a lot I was proud of about this cosplay. It was the first time I made a cosplay (and there was sooooo much wrong with it!!!). I had done "closet" cosplays before, but this was the first one I made from scratch!

Crescent Wish

Crescent Wish is the name of the weapon I'm holding, and I decided to do it instead of her red weapon because I thought it'd be more unique!
How I made it:
I started by buying two foam swords, taking off the handles, gluing in the foam star and moon (make from more foam) and then I attached the plastic chain link with my dad's help!

That Hair Though...

I definitely should have worn a wig. I actually had one, but styling it to flip out like a proper Selphie proved to be impossible!!! So I just flipped my hair out....which wasn't horrible but....yeah I could have done better on that!!!
(boy, Selphie, I didn't know you were friends with L...)
All in all, I had a great time in my first handmade cosplay, even if it wasn't perfect!! I still have the boots and Crescent Wish and I hope to remake Selphie someday soon. @starberry inspired me to revisit my first cosplay that I wasn't proud of, and try it again, so I think I will do just that!!!
This is so great! Definitely better than my first cosplays... let's just say it's good there's no photographic evidence of those XD
not bad :) I think it looks good
Great cosplay! FF VIII is one of my fave RPGs! ^_^
@DanRodriguez Thanks!!!! I loveeee FF7 and FF8!! Two of my favorite games ever :) @buddyesd You're being a lot nicer about it than I ever am to myself, lol, thanks!! @shannonl5 Yeah...I had to crack open the external harddrive vaults to find these XD