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How adorable is this mantle picture frame?! It's made from an antique window frame and a cute black and white photo on the back. Most major cities have architectural salvage places. If you've never been to one, then you have to make a trip out of it! You can find all sorts of things that are true and authentic to the period you are looking for. Stuff like actual 1800s bricks (from old buildings), signs from the 1930s, latches, door handles, and windows...

Supplies Needed:

Vintage window
Printed image (approximately the same size as window or bigger)
(2) Sawtooth picture hanger (if hanging on wall)
Hammer and nails (if hanging on wall)
Quite possibly, this is one of the easiest diy projects ever! I say that a lot, but it's true.
1. Clean your window really well and set aside to dry.
2. Print your image*.
3. Then I just trimmed the edges with scissors.
4. Next, I taped the print to the back of the frame.
5. If you’ll be hanging this up on your wall, hammer in two sawtooth hangers and then it’s ready to hang!
*Tip: Any major office supply store can print this for less than $5. Just ask for black and white engineering print. Don't choose color because it's seriously way too expensive!
When you have a collection of these old window frames hanging on the wall like this, you can see how beautiful it can look. Charming, in fact!
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