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White pumpkins.
Gold sequins.
I am all about this super cute Autumn pumpkin idea. I am a lover of white pumpkins in general anyway, so the addition of gold and sequins is just perfect and totally me!

Supplies Needed:

White pumpkins
Gold sequin appliques
Craft adhesiveGold spray paint (optional)
Plastic bag (optional)
Painter's tape (optional)
With the popularity of white pumpkins, I will be surprised if you're not able to find one that you love at your local grocery store or even at the farmer's markets. If you just cant, then I'd recommend painting a coat or two of white acrylic paint.
Decorating your white pumpkin:
1. Apply cute sequin appliques with craft adhesive.
2. If you want to make it extra cute, you should spray the stem gold.
3. Simply pierce the stem with a used plastic bag and tape down. Then spray and wait to dry.
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