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PLEASE. Please. It's gotten WAY too long. I'm going to a con for the first time in over a year in February, and there are just so many cosplays I want to do!! So, I need to narrow these 4 down to 2. I have a few others planned, too, so please help me!!!

Nozomi #104 or Nozomi #314 or Nozomi #340?

If you haven't figured this out yet, the theme of this con is Nozomi! I'm already planning to do two awesome Nozomi cosplays (I talked about one before!) but I want to add one more for relaxing in at night at the con.
But which pajama outfit do I choose?! Help!!!

Selphie or Tifa?

You might already know that I really want to remake my Selphie cosplay, but Tifa has been a character I relate to and love for a long time, and I think the outfit suits me, so I'm having a hard time. Many of my friends have also told me they would love to see me as Tifa.
Which one do you vote for?
@shannonl5 You and all of my friends hahah!! I should really give in already!
I vote Tifa!