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In an interview with Star Today, Rap Monster stated

'Some rappers diss others or objectify women with crude words and hate claiming that it's hip-hop. Hip-hop is free and open but at the same time it's a very conservative culture as well. The general public needs to learn to embrace and respect the artists rights to express themselves, however, hate towards women is something that needs to be uprooted.'

A lot of praise is headed in Rap Monsters direction especially with all the controversies experienced through Show Me The Money Season 4 by WINNER Mino and Black Nut. And I agree with my little brother Nam Joon there should be a new outlook on women but what do you guys feels? Share your opinions please!!!!!
I agree with Namjoon but what he said was INDIRECT. It wasn't supposed to be for just Mino, it was for every rapper that objectifies women. Also, While I don't mind it because it's rap, it would be nice if they didn't do it soooooo much.
Yes!!! Yes yes and yes! ...yes!
I'm really glad someone finally spoke up about this. Now if can be made a universal thing for rappers