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I work in part time in the mailroom of my dorm, which I just process packages that come in and when people need to pick up their packages, I give it to them. Pretty boring... but I need money. haha So just now, VIXX's Leo and Ravi were live on the V app as you can see here:
And I was watching it and pressing that heart button like a CRAZY person.
That's literally the door of the mailroom. ^^ Again, keep in mind I'm a crazy Starlight, pushing that heart button like a LUNATIC and then as Leo and Ravi are ending their broadcast, I say:

"No! Don't go!"


Of course....There was someone standing at the door just looking at me like I was a like talking to myself or something.

So embarrassing.....but what can you do when your favorite people are half way across the world and you can only see them through a live broadcast on your phone? haha. Yup. That's my embarrassing story for today. Do you guys have any embarrassing K-Pop stories?! Comment down below or make your own card and tag me! I need something to pass the time anyways since it gets boring in here. Haha. :)
WEIRDOOOO @StephanieDuong jkjkjk <(‾︶‾)>
@PassTheSuga Basically.... haha. And I've missed you Erica! (>_<) Also, I love your profile picture! I didn't notice it was you until I read your username. haha. xD
@StephanieDuong lol I like weird. Normal is boring. I'VE MISSED YOU TOO! Hahaha yass I decided to give Brian Joo a break....besides Swings' expression in this pic gives me life.