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Mets' rookie outfielder Michael Conforto is a beast, but he won't win Rookie of the Year.

Not this year, and not next year, either.

Conforto made his major league debut in July 24th of this season. For many players called up in the second half of the year, their first 'season' (which usually amounts to only a month or two) in the Bigs doesn't count toward their rookie year.
They become eligible as Rookie of the Year candidates the following year, their first full season.
However, Conforto's rock solid play has led to his disqualification as a Rookie of the Year candidate. Let me explain.

Once a player amounts 130 at-bats in the Majors, they are no longer eligible "rookies."

Conforto started slowly but has been red hot for over a month now, and the Mets have basically no choice but to play him regularly.
When he got called up, no one would've guessed that he would play his way to 130 at bats. Now, he stands at 128, and that means this year is, technically, his rookie season.
It's a shame, because Conforto would be one of the favorites for Rookie of the Year next season.

This year, though he's got virtually no chance, as Cubs' rookie Kris Bryant seems ready to take the award easily.

In any case, it's a nice time to appreciate just how good Conforto has been.
He's batting .297. He's hit 7 home runs, 22 RBIs and gets on base at a .378 clip. In just two months, he has saved 9 runs defensively, good for seventh-best among left fielders in the league. In two months!

Rookie of the Year? Nope.

A really, really good rookie? A player I look forward to cheering for in the next few seasons as he develops as a Met? You bet.

@christianmordi yeah i think the organization did a really good job taking care to not rush him into things. i'm impressed.
Yes, Kris Bryant will win NL ROY, buy next year, I feel like Corey Seager has a better chance than Conforto.
I think he will really turn the corner and become a legitimate bat in their lineup everyday next year. Great job by the Mets finding and grooming their guy