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Depending on the paint you use for this project and the paint of the wall you put this on, you can create a really fun optical illusion!
This is an easy diy that creates a geometric pattern on some wood that gets the backpacks and coats off the floor and onto a wall mounted hanger that keeps things tidy, chic and organized.

Supplies Needed:

wood board (1×8 board cut to 24″ long works well)
painter’s tape
2 brushes
coat hooks/hangers and screws
Stain your board and allow to dry for 1-2 hours. (Don’t worry about the back, it won’t be seen!) Add strips of painter’s tape across your board running in different directions to create geometric shapes in random sizes. No need to plan it out or be precise, just start adding tape randomly until you’re happy with the look! I love no-skill-required projects like this! ;)
Make sure the tape is sealed really well against the board and add your second coat of paint on top. I used two coats of white paint on mine. I painted the first coat on, waited about 10 minutes for it to dry slightly, then painted on the second coat.
As soon as you finish the last coat, carefully peel off the tape, exposing the lines of gorgeous wood grain running across the board. It’s better to peel the tape off while the paint is still wet so you have less chance of peeling the paint off along with it.
After the paint is finished drying, it’s time to add the hangers. You can use any sort of hook, hanger, or knob you like. Just space them out evenly on your board and screw them in place.
This is a close up of the finished board. Looks great, right?! I love the design of the lines and the simplicity of this. You could do something similar that would require you to use wood cutters to cut this out. And that is awesome. But for this look, I am really okay with the board. Plus, I think the solid piece gives it stability, especially with heavy backpacks.
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