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Beginning months ago, when we started to look ahead toward the end of the season, one series stood out on the schedule of both the Mets and the Yankees.
It's the Subway Series and, after much anticipation, it begins tomorrow.

Here's my question:


Check out the standings for the AL East, AL Wildcard and NL East.
You'll notice that while the Mets can feel fairly comfortable about where they standing (not toooooo comfortable...), the Yankees are in dire straits.
The team in the Queens is doing OK.

In the Bronx, they need wins. Badly.

No one wants to play in the one-game Wildcard play-in game, least of all the Yankees, a team who lacks a true ace.

Think about it - if you're the Yanks, how does the prospect of needing to win one game against Dallas Keuchel of the Astros sound?

That's what I thought.
In order to avoid that fate, though, they need to start winning big time to overcome the Blue Jays, and that means taking the Subway Series from the Mets.
The Mets are more relaxed, but can't afford a slip up as the Nationals seem to be getting hot, having won their last four in a row.

Here's my point: why are these two teams, who have nothing to do with one another's playoff fates, playing each other now?

It's the money, dummy.

It's all about the money, and that's disappointing.
I say the schedule should be organized so that at the end of the season, teams who are in direct competition should be playing one another.

I'm all for the Subway Series in May or June, but come September, let's keep it in the same league, folks.

@mchlyang i'm hoping that's not true...
And I feel like the more desperate (the Yankees) will go all out to grab some wins
Yes I agree, but it's always fun to see the Mets and the Yankees play!
I absolutely agree.