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About a week ago *cues song* okay, maybe not -- but about one week ago, @marshalledgar posted a card on statement heels for brides [see card here]. I saw that I was tagged in the card and hurried over to my notifications to click on the link. I absolutely fell in love with the heels in the cover image that was chosen. I scrolled down to the comments and my comment read as follows:
"Absolutely adore!!! The blue ones are sick!!!!!!!"
It didn't take long before I had a notification about a comment and much to my surprise it was from @marshalledgar saying, "blue?!?! do these come in blue? I only saw gold and black. show me the blue ones!!!"
After reading that comment I had to question my eye sight and my sanity. Was I having one of those social media perception challenges where one person sees one color and another sees something different. I scrolled through the comments on the corner and not one person said blue, everyone was referencing the heel as black. What was happening?
No matter how many times I closed out the screen or brightened my screen on my laptop -- the heel still appeared to be a navy blue to me. So, we came to a general consensus and we decided that it was best that we ask the internet what they thought.

With that being said, my fellow vinglers, are the heels gold and black or gold and navy blue?

Let's break the internet with this card. Leave your comments below.
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Lolol like seriously, I was sitting here trying to work it out like it was a math problem. and I'm terrible at math @alexiscy00
same! well I'm okay at it... I over think EVERYTHING.馃槪 @marshalledgar
im glad im not the only one seeing blue lol @alexiscy00
It's navy blue 馃槷
ahhhh! that is so crazy lol @evenyruiz