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If you're stuck on the idea of a beach or bluff wedding, don't apologize. I think these types of weddings are entirely beautiful and momentous. Since this is the style of wedding you want to go for, my only question is what it looks like. Meaning, is there an arch? A chuppah? Something else?
Really think about that and if you're stymied for ideas, get with your floral designer and event planner to hammer out the details. Of course, you could always look through my collection of wedding ideas here. (wink!)
I bet, if you're into do-it-yourself projects, you could make this yourself! I have never build one before, and would probably just rely on the pros, but this seems doable. Like, if I was on a random television show and had to build one to win...then I could shimmy something together. Will it look exactly like this? Uh...probably not.
I had to share this photo to inspire everyone out there that, yes, getting married on the beach is perfectly fine. And though the seasons are changing, if you are at a beach location, most likely, the weather isn't going to be a problem.