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I made for my dinner at home after finishing from work. On my way home, I bought the cheapest bread only 2 dollars and two big size chocolate. This is totally easy for everyone weather those are good at cooking or not. Following is the process how to make it:) 1) cut bread with knife any size comfortable to eat 2) put oil (any kinds of oil you prefer) and fry bread first 3) melt chocolate in a bowl 4) apply chocolate at the end of the bread ( if you do love chocolate you can cover the whole bread with it:)) 5) spread sugar on the bread 6) break nuts ( I used pistachio) into small pieces 7) put them into the refrigerator until the chocolate become solid 8) personally eating them with iced bluberries is way more delicious since they can get rid of the taste of oily from bread or chocolate:) or I wanna recommend you to eat them with mate tea thank you!!
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This. Sounds. Delicious!!!
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