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Big Bang is an amazing K-Pop group. I really want to go to New York and see them, though I can't.
G-Dragon and his funny personality. How he can just act cool and bad but really he's such a total sweetheart and caring person. He's music videos are legit.
Daesung, oh my gosh, he can light a room when he walks in and can make anyone's day. He's always happy and has a bubbly personality. His laugh can make anyone smile or laugh with him.
OMG T.O.P is so cool. He acts so serious and looks mean, but he really cares for people whether they know it or not. He can be funny at most times or serious at other times. But in general he's amazing just like the others.
Taeyang is such an amazing dancer like really amazing that you want to go up and ask him if he can teach you how to dance(Probably just me). He's so adorable it's unreal and amazing. Sometimes you wonder what it's like to hang out with him and you wish you just could.
Seungri well let's see he' adorable! He may try to act like a playboy or serious cool guy but really he's a softie and loves to hang out with anyone. The rest of Big Bang pick on him because he's the youngest but being the youngest means you can do more things than the others. But he's just amazing like the rest of them.
In the end, I really want to see Big Bang because of these special characteristics of all of them. They are so amazing and talented it's hard to believe they're real. It hurts sometimes to know that I can't see them but I can still support them wherever they are. V.I.P FOREVER!!! (P.S. this is my first card so if it's bad so sorry)
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@Luci546 thanks and ik how u feel I'm pretty sad too (sorry for late reply)
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@DJ101499 I'm the one who should apologize q.q I didn't see this before cause I'm sorta new to the app. anyway, I'm glad I knew so I'm not clueless
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@Luci546 no no its fine I'm new too and yea I was clueless to about my bias goin into the military
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DJ101499 well, thank you c: and I'm glad I found someone new !
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@Luci546 me too ^.^
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