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Past week I visited Slovenian seaside, which I normally don't like, since there is much nicer sea, beaches and everything seaside related in countries near Slovenia. But I got this great deal with a hotel, so I went and had quite a lot of fun. The first thing when arriving, before we got to our hotel was checking the beach. It took me like a minute to find this cotylorhiza tuberculata, and the sea was full of them.
I did not photoshoped this photo, since I wanted you to see, how our sea looks like. Bad, right? I was afraid of going into water, because I didn't know how toxic and dangeorus those can be, but later on I found out that we have nothing to worry about. But still, would you go into the water if there was like twenty of cotylorhiza tuberculatas around you?
Thank you, I had no idea. From the name I thought it was some kind of sea fungus. I'm not lovin the name fried egg jellyfish though, Eeeeww! lol
What the hell is it?
it was eeeew, actually. But I went swimming anyaways lol @missvicky69
is a species of jellyfish, also known as the Mediterranean jelly or fried egg jellyfish. @missvicky69