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While I was on my vacation at Slovenian seaside, cocktails were a must drink of course. Even tho, the time is a little bit off season, the mood was still right. I've had a few different ones, but for the first time, I found a recipe of a Blue Hawaii that I liked. Of course, I had to try to make it at home, and guess what? It was even better! So, what you will need is 1 oz. of light rum (Havana Club in my opinion), 1 oz. of blue curacao (what a shock, right?), 1 oz. of Malibu coconut rum and some pineapple juice. Normally, this drink is made with coconut cream, but I don't like my summery tropical fruity drink to be milky. But if you like it that way, you can easily add some creme of coconut or even replace it with malibu. Even better, if you have time and want to use only best quality ingredients, make your own fresh coconut cream from scratch, just check @marshalledgar 's recipe, by clicking here.

I know I've been away for a while now, but I am happily welcoming and greeting my dearest "cocktail" friends @allischaaff and @marshalledgar. Of course, I would like everyone's elses opinion as well. Cheers!

Mmm! I love blue Hawaiians!
Hahaha you're funny
I know, eyes are the door of everything. But I somehow always when I see a blue curacao cocktail, I am like: "eeeww, I will not be having this one, because I know it won't taste great" But I always have it anyways haha. @marshalledgar
It also plays an important role in whether I think I will like it or not. As with food, we first taste with our eyes. And this Blue Hawaii is stunning!
you know, the color of a drink plays an important role in mixology @marshalledgar
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