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Boho chic isn't going anywhere. Nor should it, if I have anything to say about it. That's because I am still a huge fan of the now-forsaken shabby-chic phase of the 90s. Does that make me a good way, perhaps?!
For Claire and Craig's tablescape, they wanted to keep the look "pretty" with mix and match elements. Notice how the china is patterned in blue, yet paired with gold cutlery? None of the platings have gold! Also, they mixed the stemware, using both clear and rose crystal goblets. So, looking at this, you see, white, blue, rose, clear, and gold! That's a lot. But is it?
Part of what makes Boho so chic is the effortless way things are mixed up and paired together. There's order in chaos, right? Same is true here. There's homogeny in the plates, in the cutlery style (and color and finish). When you break things up and do the unexpected, it needs to be thoughtful. Keeping some homogeny in the mix keeps the look grounded and balanced.
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