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Fall is just around the corner, a new student year as well. And what is better when the weather gets colder and you are laying late at night in your bed, studying... than a cup of tea, made of home grown herbs. I already made myself a "student" mix; a mix of mint, lemon balm, chamomile, fennel and a touch of other, which names I can not remember (it is my mother's garden lol). So I can not wait for starting drinking this. How about you? What is your favorite home grown herb?
Of course, you can find an alternative in my apartment as well. Everyone likes a good, tho fake tea bag. So it depends on a mood, at least this is how I role with my tea.
I don't know if this count as tea but I like making my cold-relief concoction drink using pear, jujube, ginger green onion roots and honey. I just made my first batch last night because I caught a cold.
maybe similar to infused waters? But, it counts! lol :) @cindystran
@rodiziketan I didn't think of that but you're probably right. The only difference is boiled it.
so boiled infused water, yeah but we come back to tea at that point haha. @cindystran