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The Bleach Vs. Gintama had a clear winner. Even though there were only 7 comments and I would love for more people to be involved in these anime polls every Friday, everyone that commented either said they couldn't choose, or they chose Bleach. I was the only one that chose Gintama sadly. SO BLEACH IS OUR WINNER THIS WEEK! I hope that more people in the anime community join in these weekly anime polls.
awww I still think Gintama is a good contender agaisnt bleach but thats what people like so what can I say :S
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I know @RosePark
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I like them both but Gintama makes me laugh till I cry so it's #1 in my heart lol.
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We shall tag more community members this week and have more poll voters. Can't wait for more of these! :)
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