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OKAY, so this is more like personal things I've experience since I got a bunch of tattoos. LET'S JUMP RIGHT ON IN.

1) Did it hurt? I've always wanted one but... *blah blah blah*

This is for anyone with tattoos but since my sleeve, I've noticed its a gateway ice breaker. All we hear is excuse, excuse, excuse as you feed us all of your reasons of why you haven't gotten them. Obviously, tattoos cost money, so that's common. But by asking us where we got ours, how much our artists charges, if we can get the "hook up", which one hurt the most, what they all "mean", when we got them, how long we've had them, and having full on conversations about the same thing the last person probably said to us is well, annoying. BUT CURIOSITY IS OKAY. WE LOVE TATTOOS TOO. Just keep it short and sweet for our own sake. (Everyone reacts differently).

2) *grabs arm and starts touching all up on your personal 'too's"

OKAY PHOTOS A BIT VULGAR but c'mon. Having tattoos isn't saying, "Oh now I have no personal space" or giving permission to people who think that just because we have tattoos means we are displaying ourselves as mannequins. DON'T JUST TOUCH US. DON'T JUST TOUCH ANYONE. I used to go ask people when I was younger if I could see if my finger fit through their gauge... now I cringe because that's uncalled for. WHO CARES. You can LOOK, BUT DON'T TOUCH UNLESS WE GIVE PERMISSION. please...

3) But what does it really mean?

Some tattoos with words, believe it or not, mean exactly what they mean. Not all of the tattoos on our skin represent some huge morally inclined life or death scenario or even anything personal. Tattoos are a form of art, and if we want to put our favorite flower, skull, tree, bird, or anything on our skin to show off its beauty, why not! We don't judge you for your decisions and style, so don't assume we always need a reason behind our choices. But tell me, what does your outfit really mean today?

4) You're just trying to show them off.

Sure. I forgot. If it's hot out I better wear long sleeves and pants so nobody thinks I'm trying to rub my beautiful ink in their faces. C'MON! Yes, we have tattoos and we are proud of them. No, we aren't trying to show off. We are dressing accordingly to our style, which includes our tattoos (sometimes). I like to wear half sleeves for my black uniform at work so my black roses on my arm can match my outfit. No, I'm not hoping to get noticed... I'm hoping to look GOOD and feel GOOD about myself. Just like some women have to do their eyeliner right or how some men need to be clean shavin'.

5) Finally, the typical, "you'll regret those" and "how will you get a job".

Now, some jobs are more strict on what you have on your body that could be vulgar... Such as having fuck you written across your face or wrist. It's sad how most places discourage tattoos. BUT GUESS WHAT we love our beautiful tattoos and will continue to love them, like we love ourselves, as life goes on. This is our style, our life, and our flesh. WE ARE HUMAN and we do share compassion, love, care, anger, annoyance, hunger, and all sorts of emotions just like YOU. Ink doesn't change who we are, it helps us describe who we are. Ink's definitely my style.
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@ItalyKira it depends on the person ,most of us don't mind we are proud of are tats! although many people don't like to be touched while looking if someone ask me before they touch my tattoos I honestly have no problem with it, it's when they grab you and touch without permission that I get mad. so no generally it's not weird to ask someone to see their tats!
@jgallegos222 thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question, I feel much better now.
thank you everyone!!!
@ItalyKira - I see someone already has gotten back to you. it's more of when people just grab, without saying ANYTHING so the fact that you ask and all is just great! :)
@mchlyang - Oh definitely not a bad thing! It's more when they keep asking and asking and want answers to things that, well, don't necessarily need to be answered, ya know? SORRY I got back to anyone so late.