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So, I came across some really interesting facts on diabetes, and I wanted to share them with you guys. Pictures itself are so powerful and meaningful, no discription is needed.
That is insane !!! I had no idea every 7 seconds someone dies from diabetes !!! It really is a disease that health care needs to look into more
There is a A TON of mis-information out there regarding Diabetes. I did not see much in this post that separates data between these 2 very different types. Type 1, Insulin Dependent and Type 2 (Insulin Resistant and often lifestyle related). Many people confuse the two, not realizing that Type 1 patients have a pancreas that lacks the enzymes necessary to produce life-dependent Insulin. They are entirely two different diseases. My nephew was diagnosed at 18mos old with T1D and he cannot survive without a cgm/internal glucose monitor, insulin pump, and around the clock monitoring. He can eat anything a non T1D can, but must be given the necessary insulin his body cannot produce so that his body can complete all most basic forms or cellular respiration. There seems to also be some talk among the AMA regarding a name-change so that these two very different diseases can be adequately distinguished from one another. There is NO CURE for Type 1. (Check out NightScout Foundation for more T1D lifesaving tools and technology!) #NightScout #WeAreNotWaiting #BionicPancreasForTheCure
@rodiziketan wow, I didn't know it was this widespread
@buddyesd this my interest you, and maybe @LizArnone ?
@JPBenedetto Thanks for this comment, I know there are two types, I have T1D, but I found this statistics, and I guess it is for both types. I know they are two totally different things, and me, myself I hate it, they are called the same. People always say to me: oh, you weren't eating healthy, right? But, no! I am not guilty for it. I have a collection about diabetes here on vingle, with two other cards and more to come, maybe you should check it out :)