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Today was rather unusual, one of the other servers called out sick so she had to stay and cover their shift. Nabi had finally finished cleaning up and was the last one to leave for the night. It was already so dark out and she was a little unsettled about having to walk home in the dark. She closed all the blinds and turned off the lights to the café. Stepping into the dimly light street she shivered and pulled her scarf tighter before turning and locking the door. A noise behind her Startled her and she turned quickly to see four boys on the sidewalk behind her. “Hey there cutie why don’t you come closer so we can get a better look.” It was the one with a snapback that spoke up first. The others just agreed with him. She was trapped in the nook of café front and the only way out was through the boys. Nabi pressed her back against the door trying hard not to panic. The boys had decided to move closer to her the leader stepping right in front of her and reaching out to touch her face. She turned her head quickly to avoid his touch but he grabbed her chin making her look at him and is lerious grin. This was it, she thought, it was all over for her. They were going to do whatever they wanted to her and she couldn’t stop four of them. She closed her eyes not wanting to see her fate. Suddenly the hand on her face was ripped away and all she heard was the sound of fists connecting with bone. She dropped down into a crouch shaking and scared. “Idiot why didn’t you wait inside for me? Did you even check your messages before you left?” The sounded angry but familiar. Nabi opened her eyes slowly to see a hands grabbing her and standing her up. It was V who attacked the group of boys that were now laying on the ground writhing in pain. “Never leave the shop alone when its dark. You should know better, always call me if you work late. You could have been really hurt.” V was scolding her but she knew it was because he was worried. He lead her through the boys who were to scared to get up fearing another beating. V put his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him to try to keep her warm. The walk home was quiet and his face was locked in a serious gaze. She wanted so bad to break the silence but she didn’t know what to say he still seemed pretty upset with her. The walk seemed to take longer than normal and it was driving her crazy. “I’m sorry” It came out a lot quieter than she had hoped but it was loud enough to get his attention. “I’m not mad at you I just got scared when I saw them crowded around your shop. What if I had gotten there to late. It would have been my fault if you got hurt.” He still didn’t look at her why she wasn’t quite sure. Maybe he was hiding something that he didn’t want her to see. Before she knew it though they were at her front door. She unlocked it letting him in with her and he walked her up the pathway the the door to the house. “Well you’re home safe and sound now.” It seemed her like he was just trying to say anything to talk now instead of saying what he wanted to say. She opened the door and stepped just inside the doorway before turning to look at him. He was right behind her on a step lower so they were eye to eye. Nabi glanced into his eyes seeing all the worry and pain that they held bit it was interrupted when he stepped up to her level and hugged her tight. “Promise me you won’t do anything that will get you hurt.” He sounded so serious. “I promise.” She smiled so wide she thought her face would crack. He pulled back enough to give her a soft kiss on the forehead before pulling away and walking back down the path to the door. She couldn’t help but stare in the direction he went even after he disappeared behind the door.
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