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I could never please you…

No matter my obedience
Or my devotion to you
It still never was enough

We were inseparable
Once upon a time
But that’s long ago

Inner demons plague you
They laughed and jeered
Fighting backs only tore you apart

I tried…

But you locked me out
Becoming a slave
Within your bitterness

Induced by society
You drowned
By its deceit

Acceptance, you desired
To please and appease those
Who merely thought you a bane for existing

A puppet you became…

I fought for your freedom
To no avail though
For they seduced you back into their clutches

There were times
Where you clawed
Your way back

But only to be cut short
As fast as it had began
Returning to their feet

And so you discard me…

For a slave cannot
Have two masters
One will be loved, the other hated

I never took you for a slave
For I willingly accepted you
Whilst you bowed to your perpetrators

With that, you no longer exist
But as a carbon copy of yourself
Denying your own existence
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