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Personally, tests, quizzes, or anything that requires me to remember everything over a period of time ARE THE WORST. Luckily, in college I've had professors tell me that they dealt with the same thing.

Struggling to keep up with your classes? Over whelmed?

Try writing everything down, when it's due, and when you have the best time to do it. I do this, and it doesn't always work out because things can pop up, but it does help keeping a check list!

Working too?

Hun, if your part time waitressing job is too demanding and you're losing your study time on majoring in Psychology, TELL THEM. Vent. Let your employer know that you need time for school too, and to work out a schedule that best fits you.

Live on your own and have no money?

Ditto! High five! I've dealt with the starvation and ramen binges, but here are 5 things that are relatively cheap and have lasted me a fair amount of time (food and items of the sort). 1) Noodles: Not just ramen. Spaghetti, MacNCheese, Alfredo, and those instant packets that just require water! Sometimes the extra "unf" of milk and butter isn't all that bad either... if you have it, because I don't. :( 2) Mouth Wash: I know what you're thinking, "ew, brush your teeth"... But if you're out late at work and have early morning classes that your alarm decided to not go off for, LOOK, YOU CAN SMELL OK. YOU CAN SMILE. Also, even if you only have a small dab of toothpaste squeezed from your last tube, brush your teeth with a bit of mouth wash in their as well. :) 3) BREAD: It's filling and I mean, not all that bad with some butter or even jelly (if you have it). You'd be surprised how much bread can save you when you're scrambling through empty boxes and jars. 4) Paper Towels: Let's keep it real, you can get a cheap roll of paper towels for $.97 and clean around rather than a whole package of toilet paper for $6-$10. NO STOP PLEASE USE TP WHILE YA CAN, but when all else fails... us women need a back up.


5) Canned/Bagged Foods: Vegetables, Fruits, Soups, Knock off brands of lasagna and pastas, and simple broths to make cheap meals with! They don't expire and they're easy to make.

Just take a breather, focus, and think about some things you can do! Don't let yourself drown in work and stress, conquer it.

The school years started, but who else is ready to be done?
Oooh @allischaaff probably about 4-6 more. ;( I'm glad you liked the card!!
hahaha love the turtle :D @Narissatayy this is a great card!! Love all your tips for surviving on a student budget. It's definitely not easy during those years. Luckily, i only have work to worry about now... How many years you have left before you're outta there??