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I could not believe my eyes today at college! It totally flipped me out and I literally spazzed out in my head like that!!
On the front of a girl's shirt was the name Xiumin! I went all the way around her to read the back to make sure it said Wolf 88 \(^_^)/
I so badly wanted to go up to her and ask about the shirt and start talking about EXO with her but.. I'm too, too shy ): she would be the first friend I have that listens to kpop D:
maybe next time I see her (if I do) I'll talk to her ^_^ until then.. I'm buying kpop shirts so maybe she will notice me one day (:
Start wearing everything kpop related you have and "accidentally " bump into her.
@ARMYStarlight Lol I was freaking out so much on the inside that's why maybe if there are other kpoppers they will notice by the shirt ^_^
Always happens to me but I am pretty shy as well heh
@BluBear07 I most definitely will ^_^ it's not too big of a university but it's hard to see the same person twice D: