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The freshmen 15, notorious throughout the States as the 15 extra pounds all freshmen put on between move in day and thanksgiving. There are so many factors to be blamed for the freshmen 15; the unlimited food in the dining hall, all of the alcohol, late night drunk food, not having mom to stop you from eating the whole family size bag of chips...all of those things are very huge factors.
But there are ways to avoid this weight gain, and its super easy.

1. Avoid the daily greasy pizza line!

The dining hall is amazing. Its a place to hang out, eat a huge selection of food, and the weekend afternoon hang out trying to get rid of hangovers and attempting to piece the night together.
But that doesn't mean the long hours spent chilling has to mean cheesy, greasy, and horrible food!
Every dining hall has a salad bar, veggie options, and fruit! Try to make your biggest meal veggies, grilled chicken, and yogurt! This way you don't have to feel guilty for going back for seconds!

2. Join a sports team.

So you may not be super competitive, but there are so many club sports and crazy made up games that anyone can enjoy! Staying active is the best way to stay in shape and make tons of friends at the same time.
If you really don't wanna be on a team, the school gyms are cheap if not free! Stay active and you'll have clearer skin, way more energy, and you'll be able to stay ahead of those pounds.

3. Drink Smart

I am not one even act that drinking won't happen at school, but to avoid all of the thousands of calories a weekend, drink smart. Go for light beers or liquor with a diet chaser. The lease caloric drink is vodka sodas but I think they taste gross. So I like vodka with diet blueberry juice; awesome flavor but way less sugar!
Yes. For all you freshmen in college, choose your drinks wisely!
Don't drink all the Natty Lights and Burnett's you can find.....and never drink Jungle Juice. That stuff's poisonous.
@mchlyang UGHH just the word jungle juice has my stomach in knots