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Social media is ablaze with #relationshipgoals which consists of pictures of boxes on boxes of nike sneakers and Victoria Secret undies, super skinny girls being picked up by muscled, super tall boyfriends on a beach, or just a million and one scavenger hunt pictures to lead them to all types of crazy gifts.
I am hear to help point out that a lot of those pictures are 100% staged or represent the very rich 1% couples; so stop trying to replace your real love with relationship fantasy goals that just don't exist in real life.
So here are some serious #goals that you seem to be overlooking.

1. Getting flowers for no reason at all.

2. Coming home to your favorite dinner cooking on the stove.

3. Someone snapping a totally adorable and candid pic of you guys.

4. Enjoying a night in together where you guys snuggle and eat pizza and hangout.

5. Finding a small love note tucked away for you to read when you really need it.

6. Receiving the most perfect, thoughtful birthday present ever, even if it doesn't cost any money.

7. And most importantly, having someone to push you to your limits and hold your hand when you're full of self doubt.

@nicolejb it's the thought that counts right haha
Holy shit. I love the first picture. I want to do that with my SO some day. That should be on every baseball fans' bucket list!
I love when guys try to cook even thought they might not be good at it. they like totally mess on something simple and you still eat it because it was so sweet of them to try! haha
@poojas lol yes it's perfect ^_^
@shannonl5 Have you seen #6 on here? Fandom gifts are the best! Haha ^^
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