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Like him or love him, you can't deny the influence of the based god.

Whether it's sports, fashion or music, Lil B and his dance craze reign supreme throughout culture. You think I'm kidding? Hit the blocks below to see your favorite celebrities showing love to the based god.
No matter how busy Stephen Curry may get during an 82 game NBA season, he still takes time out to have fun with the fam. Above we catch a video of Curry and his wife celebrating a victory in the kitchen of their home. What better place to let loose the cooking dance by Lil B?
Selena Gomez has always kept her ear to the streets in regards to the whats trending in hip hop culture.
During some downtime with her crew, Gomez shakes off some stress with the Lil B cooking dance.
When Odd Future buys into a movement you know it's legit.
Above is a video of Odd Future OG Tyler The Creator turning up to Lil B. In honor of the based god he lets loose a vicious version of his dance craze.
James Harden and Lil B don't have the best history as friends in the past, but the Cali native let loose a subliminal peace offering to the based god during a close game against the Nets.
One the biggest stage of their careers, the USA soccer players take a moment out of the game to honor Lil B and his endless contributions to the swag world.