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saw these cute shoes at Target, on sale for 75% off what a steal for only $10....silver or gold?? i brought the silver ones instead (*_*)
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I like them both, but those silver ones do look awesome on you. I want the gold ones! They were such a steal at that price. (^_^)
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aight, when you visit me, we'll go clubbing.... ill wear the sliver and you can wear the gold....w/our matching hoochie outfits, lolz
5 years ago·Reply
Rofl! As long as I don't fall down and break my leg. XD
5 years ago·Reply
no worries sis, i got you... ill break your fall...♥
5 years ago·Reply
Hahaha, but I don't want you to break anything either. (>_<)
5 years ago·Reply