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Lol, look at this Brooding Batman(my love ) he is rich, handsome, makes weapons and has a chip on his shoulder..(death of this parents). He likes to keep the fact that he is Batman underwraps and he likes to lurk and observe. He might not have any actual super powers but when he is not being sexy Bruce Wayne, he is always learning... Even how to take down his team aka The Justice League
He has some great villains, I will mention my favorite, The Joker. Many others like Bane, Two Face, Riddle, Catwoman and penguin just name a few.
Now to me his Marvel counterpart is
Is Tony Starks, he really does not have any superhuman strength. he has a suit of armor that allows you to do stuff. tony is a Playboy and he is proud to say he is Iron Man. he is very wealthy and he is also a very successful businessman like Batman.
he really doesn't care knows who he is. all he cares about is that everybody knows he is a bad ass. he can fly, shoot Lazer beams from countless parts of his body.
he plays rough, he parties rough, he fights rough and he really does not care who knows who he is. Photo ops no problem!
To be continued
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This is really interesting! I remember the voice actor from the animated series said Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, not the other way around. So it's really interesting to see you drawing a comparison to Tony Stark (since his famous "I am Iron Man line", he clearly doesn't see a separation between those identities, they're the same person and they're both him). @WayneWinquist compared Batman to Rorschach recently and I think that makes a lot of sense. He's what Batman would be without the financial resources and ability to live a double life. Rorschach and Tony definitely both have aspects of Batman.