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Here you go. Disclaimer: Everything you read is not from me. It is from something I saw on Tumblr. Here is the link if you want to check it out:
Here are all of my theories put together in an organized timeline so we can all see how things line up. I will be inputting the lyrics from I Need U that coincide with the scene they play at. They will be in bold and italicized with a small explanation afterwards like so: **I need you girl** he needs the girl oh damn Let’s get started, you’re in for a pretty crazy ride tbvfh: First, we have Taehyung who is sitting outside his home along with multiple beer bottles, most likely hearing the screaming of his parents as they fight by the way he turns his head towards the door.
Not wanting to hear it any longer, he walks away. He’s conflicted about his parents, and he doesn’t know how to treat the situation, so he gets fed up, and hits a can or two in frustration.
He returns only to find his mother being beaten by his father. In the moment, Taehyung grabs a beer bottle and attacks his father with it. He proceeds to stab him, until eventually killing him.
Shocked by what he’s just done, Taehyung runs away to the secluded area of the abandoned pool where he washes off his father’s blood from his hands
That’s where the prologue starts. Taehyung looks at a photo in his hand of an older man holding a baby. Besides the resemblance of the man in the photograph, it’s obvious that the man he killed was his father. And with that, Taehyung crumbles the photo in his hand.
After being called by Taehyung, Jin then hops towards everyone but gives Taehyung the biggest and longest hug as they all crowd within the area.
But what we see, is mostly from Jin’s point of view. Jin leaves himself out of most photos and videos, just focusing on his friends. A handful of times, we see things through Jin’s point of view. Several times we are looking at a certain scene, then the camera angle will change, and we’re able to see Jin in that same spot with his recorder as if we were the ones looking through it. If you’re still confused, then just look at the photos below.
You can see where our point of view was by seeing Jin recording.
Jin takes a photo of Yoongi playfully sitting next to Hoseok who is sleeping. Then JungKook joins and wakes up Hoseok
After settling down, Taehyung sees the raised platform and stands on it, as if longing to jump into a pool, but it’s not full of water, so he continues to stare outwards.
Next, Namjoon writes on the mirror outside, “You need to survive” and walks away to join the rest of the members as they eat and play some of the videos on the projector behind them.
Jin takes out an old photo of the shoreline (the ending scene from I Need U) and shows it to Hoseok. The latter gives a nod after Jin asks “We, should we go here?” and Jin proceeds to show the photo to the other members
Jimin gives kind of an unsure expression towards Jin’s suggestion, but this is later explained in the timeline
Yoongi keeps lighting the lighter, which will also be explain later in the timeline. Before going to the beach the next morning, they stop at a gas station and fill up the tank. While doing to, Namjoon gestures for the camera and snaps a photo of Jin with Yoongi cutely in the background, in full frame to be in the picture.
Namjoon then places it in the glove box.
After filling up, the next day they drive to the beach.
Jin records a bit with his cell phone as well as the video recorder.
He takes a photo of all the boys minus himself
After sitting and staring out to sea, JungKook is accompanied by Yoongi who puts an arm around him and suggest they get the rest of the boys. Yoongi taps on the window of the car and wakes up Hoseok who is sleeping once again.

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