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She Knows What She's Talking About!
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the only "right and wrong" they learn from me is basic morals...stealing, bullying, assault, murder, lying, cheating etc...are wrong... love, fairness, manners, equality, standing up for people weaker than you... etc are right
This is so true! My family mainly consists of females and when me and my bf got pregnant we found out we were having a girl. Everything I got in baby clothes, bottles, toys were all girly. Me and my bf got what was really cute and comfertable for her mainly blue, black, and purple. 馃槄 She gets mistaken for a boy all the time now and I feel bad. Should I dress her more girly with pink and skirts? My nieces are pretty much the same way. They wrestle and play with anything. They have girly outfits and toys too but they love getting rough and playing.
Hahahaha, I'm glad @shannonl5 found this card. I feel like this is so her in comic strip form.