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I grew up with 3 sisters... everything from Barbie to GI Joe, My Little Ponies to He-Man, Shera to Transformers all became unisex γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ that's the same as I do with my kids... they decide what they like
@shannonl5 @ButterflyBlu I grew up with star wars and g.I. Joe.and the beginnings of transformers. being the only boy of three children, I was surrounded by barbies...more like stepped on a LOT of nekkid barbies and baby dolls. they never interested me, I couldn't relate to them. I could relate to the action figures I had because I knew one day I'd be similar to them. beard, muscles, brave etc. my dad never told me I had to play with only those toys, I chose them for their appeal. however, when my baby sister was little I would play with her, she loved the way I'd make them kung fu fight each other lol
I agree. I have a 3yr old nephew who is OBSESSED with Bobby Flay, The Pioneer Woman and...twirling flags/tossing rifles. He saw his teenaged cousin (my daughter) last year compete in Color Guard so he now has his own (mini) flag among his toys of trucks and stuff. When they come to visit, he wears his chef coat, handkerchief, one of my old chef hats, his apron and side towel...and the little dude and I play Top Chef. We had to go looking for unisex kitchen toys, and thankfully I think the toy industry (I hope, at least) is finally getting its act together. Kids will become the BEST version of themselves they are meant to be, without our need or effort(s) to define or pidgeon-hole them. 😊
@ButterflyBlu that's a really good way to look at it I think. Give him space to explore the things he's passionate about and give him guidance where he needs it. Being happy, playing and learning are definitely the most important things. As long as you're there to make sure he's safe and learning what matters (instead of taking in the messages of those overly involved folks you're talking about) I'm sure everything will be great! @loftonc16 @buddyesd @VeronicaArtino @JPBenedetto @SuzieMoreno @RobertMarsh what do you think?
Omg this is so true though! Like I don't have a problem with adding horses and stuff but a juice bar?! A little kitchen?! What kid is sitting around playing and thinking to themselves "You know what would be fun? Errands and chores!"
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