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Hey newsies. We’ve been having some really awesome conversations this week, and I’d like to continue with some thought-provoking issues.
Last week we talked about the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and many people brought up some really excellent points. Let’s keep the ball rolling with another interesting topic.

Gun Control in the U.S.

Here’s a wrap-up of what’s happening now.
Since 2013 there have been 864 mass shootings in the US. One of the most recent ones was of cameraman Adam Ward and reporter Alison Parker, who were shot while they were on the job.
Another, that took place this week at Delta State University, where a professor reportedly shot and killed an assistant professor at the university, along with his girlfriend, before killing himself.
Some argue the issue at hand is mental health and awareness. But the main subject brought up after these shootings: gun control.

Do you think the United States has strict enough gun laws and regulation?

Do you think the more available the gun, the more likely it is to cause violent crime? Or do you think that criminals will find a way to obtain guns despite it being more difficult?

Is this a federal or state issue?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Let’s all try to respect and learn from each other’s opinions! :)
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Actually, although the document itself was set up to change the Constitution rarely changes. And I’m by no means holding up the constitution. I would never hold up a document that once considered slaves as 3/5 as the one true do-all, be-all document. only saying that issues that are engrained in our value system are harder to change without work. it has to be a whole mindset change. @InPlainSight
@InPlainSight that makes sense. I'm not exactly a Constitutional Law expert, but there are some arguments being made that gun control laws can coincide with the Constitution. Since it specifies militias, it seems that the spirit of the law is that it protects people that need to defend themselves, who band together. It was never intended to protect lone shooters. Granted, needing to register with an approved militia seems like a strong barrier preventing gun ownership. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to come to an agreement that we can all accept. We've seen that limiting access to guns has worked very well in other countries- you can't have a mass shooting without a gun to shoot. It's that simple. We've amended the constitution to be more inclusive (including granting the right to vote to people who are nonwhite and/or female), and we passed the Patriot Act despite the fact that it violates the right to privacy, and the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Gun violence is a threat to the most important right of all: the right to life. We need to be able to defend ourselves, but we also need to be able to ensure that those that aren't able to defend themselves won't have to. The solution to that isn't more gun ownership. We can't have militias outside of every school, movie theater, mall, and home.
I second what @InPlainSight said. Really well put @shannonl5.