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Here's part two. Again none of this belongs to me, it was just something I saw on Tumblr that I thought I would share with you. Here's the link to the Tumblr page I saw this from:
Once sitting at the edge of the pier, Jin records the other members while Taehyung sees the large metal structure and begins to climb it.
Rather than say anything, Jin proceeds to record Taehyung as the other members yell and gesture for him to come down.
You can even see him still recording in this shot.
Taehyung gives one last smile to the boys before jumping off the edge and into the water, drowning himself.
(This next part is only assumed by looking at the photo book shots of the boys) The rest of the boys all jump into the water to save him but he refuses their help and drowns. (This is assumed because all of the members are seen with wet hair in all photos, maybe giving the hint that they all jumped into the water at some point.) Some examples (this also includes every single photo in the photo books):
Now mourning the death of their beloved member, the others go into a state of shock and depression. Hoseok is seen taking a small handful of pills. Pills that were most likely to treat Hoseok’s narcolepsy or excessive uncontrollable daytime sleepiness as seen from the times he feel asleep in the pool area with Yoongi and JungKook during the photo taking and in the car.
He swallows the pills probably wanting everything to end once and for all. **You can’t do this to me. All of the things you said are like a mask. It hides the truth and rips me apart. It pierces me, I’m going crazy, I hate this. Take it all away, I hate you** He is referring to Taehyung not saying anything about wanting to commit suicide. Hiding his feelings from the others like a mask. And Hoseok hates that he ‘lied’ about his true intentions
He walks along a bridge, perhaps trying to go back to the place Taehyung died, or maybe just taking a walk. **The sky is blue and the sun is shining. So my tears are even more noticeable. Why is it you? Why did it have to be you?. Why can’t I leave you?** Hoseok losing it and begins to relapse to the incident, asking why it had to be Taehyung of all people
He then falls unconscious. With the majority of passing cars, someone must of called about a man suddenly fainting. He was possibly rushed to the hospital but later died from the overdose. After calling his friends to identify him there, they all wander back to their homes. JungKook, now having lost 2 dear friends, more lifeless than before, not caring about anything anymore.
He wanders the streets and bumps into two random men starting a fight with them.
He barely fights back, but in the end walks away with bruises and cuts on himself.
He then walks right into the street, not caring that a car is about to hit him, and doesn’t move. (Pay attention to the neon sign in the background just to the right of JungKook’s head)
In Yoongi’s motel room, a red light is seen flashing passed the wall for just over a second.

(I couldn't find the gif used on the Tumblr page so I'll just give you the link for the gif: )

That light is from the ambulance that is driving to pick up JungKook who was hit just down the street, but not killed. (This is where the motel sign comes in, seeing that the ambulance would have to pass by the motel to get to JungKook) Overwhelmed by the death of Taehyung and Hoseok, Yoongi is conflicted about whether he should go on. Lighting the same flame over and over again. **You’re destroying me. I wanna stop, I don’t want you anymore, I can’t do it, this sucks. Please don’t give me any excuses.** Yoongi is tired over the struggle of trying to survive without them and the heartache it brings. It destroys him slowly and he can’t continue on anymore. He wants the memories of his Taehyung to stop so he can live without missing them
He finally makes his decision. And he ends it for himself.
Jimin, who is also fighting the will to stay alive, is looking through things Taehyung had, memories left from him.
Like the sheet of paper he wrote on within a bathtub as well. Maybe even being a suicide note that Taehyung left behind that Jimin then discovered, causing guilt to flow through him knowing he could of helped him in his time of need.
Jimin burns the note hoping to alleviate some of the pain, but once he realizes he doesn’t, he lets himself slip under, drowning himself. ** just tell me you wanna break up. just tell me it wasn’t love** He’s trying to explain how they are essential to him and how they have become a necessary part of him. Namjoon isn’t seen after this but I’ll get to that in a sec. Jin is seen alone with a plain white shirt, holding a handful of lily petals.
In Namjoon’s photos within the photo book, he is draped in all black with a black hat covering most of his face without smiling. Almost as if he’s mourning, or going to a funeral.

(Part 3.... I don't even know if I'm halfway yet or not.)

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