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It's time for more fic prompts!

@VixenViVi was looking for them, but everyone should feel free to use these as needed! I have a lot of plot bunnies running around in my head that should probably be adopted soon...
1. It's raining and you don't have an umbrella. You're freaking out, until...
2. One person from your OTP is trapped in an elevator. What does the other one do?
3. You meet your bias... when you're really sick trying to buy cold medicine in your pjs!
4. Which person in your OTP is a morning person and which one feels inhuman until they've had their coffee?
5. You're working as a nurse and your bias comes into the ER... with severe memory loss!
6. Your OTP is going to a wedding and neither one is happy about it. Why?
7. Your bias gets snapchat and you exchange lots of funny pictures, until one day...
8. Who in your OTP is the smoker and who is nagging them to quit?
9. You're working for a social media company and you get the chance to interview your bias!
10. Your OTP finally has a night to themselves. What do they do?
These promps are open to everyone! Every fandom, any OTP or bias. And feel free to alter them to fit your story ideas. Tag me in your card so I can read all the fic!
@AimeeH @AmbieB @B1A4BTS5everif I'm being honest I have to admit that making fic prompts is very self-serving because it means there's more fic for me to read!
@shannonl5 hahaha yes...your welcome to tag me when ever you want i love writing hahaha and i love reading fanfic and @AimeeH hahahaha yes ill always drag you everywhere hehe
@shannonl5 haha well sneaky sneak @B1A4BTS5ever tagged me so I'm it now XD
this sound so cool haha
so can I so more than one. I'm rhink I ng harry potter for one, gd for another, Kim Joong hyung, and so many more lol
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