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Here's part three. Again none of this belongs to me, it was just something I saw on Tumblr that I thought I would share with you. Here's the link to the Tumblr page I saw this from:
White lilies are associated with funerals and wakes, and perhaps, Jin just returned from the funeral of Taehyung, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jimin, and JungKook who later died at the hospital from his injuries, keeping some the flowers as memories.
White lilies (also known as white stargazer lilies) represent sympathy. White lilies symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death. This is Jin’s way of forgiving them for leaving him alone. And if you look closely, there are only 5 petals, not 6 like most people think.
He burns them, letting their souls be restored purely to them, and he opens the curtain to let them out into the sky, staring up at his friends through the clouds
Within the sequence of the I Need U mv, Taehyung is seen walking away from the room while the other’s are struggling to survive towards the beginning. As he walks away, the following lyrics play **I’m sorry (I hate you). Forgive me (I hate you)** It’s Taehyung apologizing for putting them through that kind of torture and he’s asking for forgiveness, but the members are too hurt to accept it, and the I Hate You part is sung by all members, almost like they were rejecting his apology.
Namjoon now with most of his friends gone except for Jin, migrates to a different location of work, to a different gas station so he wouldn’t have to see Jin and be reminded of the heartache that he still suffers through. ** It goes round and round, why do I keep coming around. I go down and down, at times like these, I’m the idiot. No matter what I try to do, you say it can’t be helped. It’s clearly my heart, my mind, my chest but, you ask why I can’t hear your words. I’m talking by myself again, you say nothing** Even though Namjoon isn’t directly reminded of his friends, their thoughts and actions follow him, and he starts talking to himself, thinking that they can hear him.
This is where Jin begins to hallucinate and dream about his moments with them. He thinks back to the last memories he has of them all (the empty pool and the beach) and begins to place himself within them. Right here, you can see that Jin is somewhat startled by some noise, but it’s actually just a bag flopping around, giving you the hint that the area is actually empty, the boys aren’t there
For the entirety of the mv, Jin is seen recording or taking photos of everyone, except himself. He keeps the focus on how happy his members look, and keeps those as his memories.
Looking now to when they are surrounding the fire. Jin pulls out the polaroid of the shoreline, and once he shows it to Jimin, he looks awkward. This is because this is Jin’s memory, and he is aware that Jimin drowned, so it alters the memory in a way that Jin can’t control. Since Jimin is connected with the water because he drowned, he is given an eerie feeling about it.
Same thing with Yoongi. With him lighting the room on fire as his death, he is connected with the flame within Jin’s memory.
The rest of the boys are happy-go-lucky for those final moments before Taehyung climbs the structure, so Jin tries capturing as much of that happiness as he can.
Once Taehyung starts climbing the structure and the boys start yelling at him to come down, Jin simply records, only shading his eyes from the sun so he can continue filming Taehyung’s final moments.
This is where Jin twists and turns in bed, reliving Taehyung’s death within his dream.
Once he wakes up, this is where the photo of him and Yoongi comes in. Throughout his days, he mimics memories and moments that he had with them at some point. At one point, they did indeed take a photo like that, but it was in the past.
While Jin was filling up his car alone, he shot the picture himself, getting confused between his dreams and reality, fooling him to believe that Yoongi was there in the photo even though you can see part of his arm on the left side of the picture, showing he took it himself. He places it inside the glove box and at one point returns to the beach they once hung out at, the last time they were happy together before everything went wrong.
He pulls out the photo and examines it, expecting Yoongi to be there beside him.
It’s that moment that he realizes he’s alone.
That’s exactly it. He can’t smile.
They aren’t together. Now this is almost as if it’s foreshadowed towards the beginning of the prologue. If you notice, at the start when all the boys are playing back at the pool area, there is a scene where Namjoon plays golf with a little toy car
He then hits it with a golf club and send it’s straight in the little puddle on the other side. Maybe when this actually happened, it was a ball that Namjoon hit, but as Jin is remembering this, his mind morphs and starts changing his memories, giving him the idea.

(Okay, I think part 4 is gonna be the last part. I'm not 100% sure yet tho.)