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Here's part four. Again none of this belongs to me, it was just something I saw on Tumblr that I thought I would share with you. Here's the link to the Tumblr page I saw this from:
This is foreshadowing Jin’s death. If you notice, the angle that his car is placed at during the very last scenes, it looks as if he’s parked within the water and all you hear are the sounds of the ocean.
This could very well be how Jin dies. The camera then focuses on the frame of the car, and small drops of water can be seen. This could be from the waves splashing against his car.
Whether Namjoon died within a gas station explosion or he has moved away, Jin is still left alone, and with that, he lets himself be swept away by the water.

Omo, it took four parts but it was worth it!!! Like I had said before I take no credit for this, I only shared it with you all. Also can you help me out of ideas to do for cards. I'm not very creative and I can't think of things to do.

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@Roxy1903 I'm gonna be the same way, huddled in my bed with tissues, food and YouTube. @JessAS I don't think the day of its release it known yet, I tried looking it up, but nothing showed. When I find something out I'll let you know tho. Living in suspense for a comeback date is tough.
I seriously cant wait for this and i never saw the original I need u video till recently and if you watch that one it makes sense because the lollipop was a cigarette in that video and Rapmonster dies at the gas station , kookie dies after getting hit by the car , hopie overdoses and dies on the bridge, jimin drowns, V kills the one guy with the broken bottle , and yoongi died after lighting his room on fire only two left were jin and V of course bringing you to the prologue where jin is reliving the memories of everyone and the part where V climbs the tower and the boys call him down was them telling him to join them so of course V kills himself because of the guilt and jin is left with the memories and videos to remember it all
@Marilovexoxo Yea, the original video does make sense to this and to what you had said.
i am litterally bawling. i cant stop crying im sharing this. how the hell... why...why bighit?! why tf do you do this to us???? im gonna go cry in a corner for the rest of my life.
I'm crying ing