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How did you guys determine who your ultimate bias is? I'm starting to think that I might have one, but it isn't who I expected it to be. Meaning this guy isn't a part of my bias group, Big Bang, which means that I'm kind of cheating on jiyong. I'm not completely sure he's my ub though (I'm so confused!), so I just wanted to know how those of you who do have an ultimate bias realized that your ultimate bias was your ultimate bias (too many ultimate biases in one sentence lol).
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well i watch a video, or a couple by the same group and then whoever i think is the cutest becomes my bias. But for some reason i just happen to fall for the Maknaes every time...without knowing the maknae is the maknae, if that makes sense
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My ultimate bias changes between 2 of my bias's....I just can't decide.
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Ultimate bias. . .hmm. Well mine was hard at first. I was shown a popular song by the group and whatever part he sang really had stuck out to me and it wasn't because of how they showed his part. It was more his voice is what lured me to him first. Then everything just gradually came after. While I found out more about the group and about the members themselves I noticed he had qualities that I liked better than the other members. Before I would just point and say he's my favorite just because of his voice but now I just say that he's my bias. When I'm asked why I will now have a list of reasons. ^_^ Saranghae Oppa!~
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I don't know who my ultimate bias is anymore it used to be Kim hyun joong I still love him but just not day crazy abt him anymore Lol but my first 2 were taechyon and minho in kpop but I like minho more then taechyon I don't even know Lol I like them both but now I like GD a lot 2
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Well... when you can't forget an action a member of the group does. And find yourself thinking and thinking and thinking about it until you can't forget. And so you search for more info about them, like their age... etc (just basic bio, maybe even ideal types... things like that) and you find out that not only can they steal your attention but they also have a great personality to boot! And that's when BOOM! you've got yourself an Ultimate Bias. ;) The important factor here is that you can't forget them, sure maybe with other biases you look at them but with this one, you're constantly looking for more pictures, looking at that action they did that got your attention. My UB, is Onew of SHINee. When SHINee's 'Hello' M/V came out, I was hooked and reeled when Onew's "Eottokhae" came up, his smile hit a bullseye right on my heart. OmG, and when 'Married To The Music' M/V came out & Onew popped up wity that same smile again... my heart fluttered away and into space... T.T ♡♡♡♡♡ And everytime I am asked 'who is your kpop bias?', I will forever and always answer with, "Onew". ^.^
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