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And she looks like the grungy detective this cinematic universe needs right now.

Nobody knows why Marvel is refusing to release the Civil War trailer, but in the meantime we've got awesome new photos from Jessica Jones! The series is premiering on Netflix on November 20th, so we won't have to wait much longer to see her in action!
Since Marvel released photos from the Luke Cage set yesterday, it seems like they're less worried about keeping a tight lid on their Netflix series than their films. Or maybe they're trying to figure out which tactics work better?

David Tennant is playing the Purple Man

It's a huge jump from his role on Doctor Who; he'll be playing the villain that ended Jessica's days as a crime-fighter.

The rest of the cast looks incredible too!

I can't decide what I'm more excited about. Jessica looks like my teenage self from the 90s, the set looks like where I spend most of my adult life (bars and crummy apartments!), and I have the distinct impression that I'm going to love this.
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@christianmordi yeah she was Jane in Breaking Bad! She's been in a few other things (Veronica Mars is where I first saw her) so this is a cool shift for her. @BiblioLady me too! I wonder if they'll go the same route as Daredevil and not reveal it until the last episode?
I hope not. I wasn't happy with that in DareDevil!
@BiblioLady I don't think you're the only one! Were you frustrated with the way it looked, or with the fact that we barely got to see him wear it?
@shannonl5 the fact that we barely got to see him in it
@BiblioLady makes sense. And if they hadn't gotten a second season we would barely have gotten to see it at all. Thankfully they did!