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Me In 5 Gifs Challenge: Danidee!
I decided it might be fun to start a Vingle-wide challenge called 'Me in 5 Gifs'! Create your own card, answering the questions below with any gif you feel accurately answers them. Have fun, and don't forget to tag your other Vingle friends to fill it out!

Question 1: What is your spirit animal?

Question 2: How do you feel about spicy food?

Question 3: What kind of drunk are you?

Question 4: What do you look for in a significant other?

Question 5: What is your flirting style?

Now it's YOUR turn. TAG! You're it:

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@Arellano1052 Squirrel blood, mostly.
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2 years ago·Reply
Omg Matthew is so freaking cute!!!
2 years ago·Reply
this looks fun
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