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DC will not be copying Marvel (phew!)

DC will not "handcuff their creators" to continuity.

Diane Nelson (DC Entertainment president) commented on the difference between Marvel's cinematic universe and their own: Unlike Marvel, DC will not require their writers and directors to work within a tightly woven framework of interconnected films. Asking their creators to "work with the same storyline or force them to hold back characters or introduce certain characters" wouldn't work with what they're trying to accomplish. "Ultimately, it hinders the ability for someone like [showrunner] Bruno Heller to come in and create Gotham.” (Via).
I don't think anyone would go as far to say that Marvel has made a mistake. After all, they're making millions of dollars and don't show any signs of slowing down. But lots of fans have voiced their concerns about the focus on connecting each film to the last (and the tv series, and the upcoming ones), stating that the stories are beginning to suffer. Could DC be on to something?
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@hanskapend that's really interesting! I sort of think of Superman the way I think of Captain America. Funny but not overtly so. I imagine that Cap is struggling because people expect him to be serious, but as the first movie showed he's really snarky- and he manages to be that way without being cynical. The problem I think with Snyder's Superman is that, you're so right, it's very grim, and doesn't seem very hopeful. I think there is a way to make dark characters hopeful, but I don't think they succeeded with Superman. Have you seen the trailer for Supergirl? It definitely seems like they're going in the opposite direction with that series. She's still struggling with the same stuff as Superman (their home planet was destroyed), but honestly that trailer alone filled me with hope.
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as long as they try to remain true to the comics, I don't care if their cinematic universe is as aligned as Marvel's. I don't think it would work to try and imagine Gotham as the backdrop for the new Batman. Though I would like to see Stephen Amell get to play Green Arrow on the silver screen.
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@shannonl5 I think Cap is more like Batman,...serving justice, doesn't want to kill, leader of an epic team. Although batman is way smarter and a lone wolf kind of dude (which's badass btw). and yeah I watched the trailer of Supergirl, it feels like they'll do exactly what they did with the flash.
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@VinMcCarthy that makes sense. The spirit of the comics matters more to me than anything else. The plot of the comics has gone in so many different directions, but what matters ultimately is the characters. @hanskapend that's so true! They both have very strong principles and it often puts them in conflict with the rest of the world. I think with Superman/Cap what I'm seeing is the man out of time. Someone who doesn't quite fit in to the world that they're living in, but I totally see the similarities between Cap and Batman as well! I'm hoping that Supergirl is allowed to stand on her own for a while. It seems a little more upbeat, with probably some darker plots down the road. So yeah, similar to the Flash! @JoshSmith518 yeah! Are you excited for Batman vs. Superman?
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