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Cam has always done a great job protecting his brand in regards to collaborations with mainstream media and products. That trend continues with his new work with the popular liquor Hpnotiq.
With the company searching for ways to connect with the youth, they have tapped the Harlem rep for a full length campaign, and thus far the duo have delivered on numerous levels. Today they Hpnotiq tapped Cam to play the host and both contestants in a fictional game show called Word Up.
Giles Mantooth, the show’s host, welcomes a Florida accountant named Drew Herman, who is incorrectly and consistently called Herb throughout the show, to join the surprise celebrity guest…Cam’ron.
The duo connect to complete sayings using hints from classic hip-hop songs. As the skit goes on, they work to the classic drink Hpnotiq for the final answer. Catch the hilarious skit above.

I love the work done by the company and Cam on this one.

They have managed to spread the word on the liquor while maintaining the "cool" factor. Anytime you mesh with the cool, you become cool, which often leads to sales.
I can't wait to see these guys connect on a live event soon.